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“The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards.”

– Gene Spafford

Data Protection

How to protect a laptop from information theft?

People who live in major cities know how easy is to become a victim of a theft. Snitch-and-run thieves can relieve you of your laptop in a matter of seconds. Preventing such things from happening is easy, as you have to keep your device away from places that are easy...

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Protect Data And Prevent Identity Theft 

We all use laptops or our computers for online banking, keeping family photos, online shopping, social networking and etc. In addition, we travel for leisure and business and take our laptops with us. The chances of losing a laptop or having it stolen have risen...

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Editor’s Picks

WordPress Web Design

It doesn’t have to be small, they provide solutions to anyone who is interested. What they recommend is WordPress web design. Why this service in particular? Well, there are more reasons, and here they are.

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Five easy ways to protect your online identity

You should never use the same password for all accounts. If it gets cracked, then hackers will get access to all your private data at once. Many VLSI, ASIC Design Certification IT experts advise that strong protection will keep your data from hackers.

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Laptop Security

Report Laptop Theft/Loss 

If you believe your laptop computer has been lost or stolen, please the first file a Police Report/FIR (FIR = First Information Report). You must also get a Police Report/Case number and contact information of the police officer who took the report. Armed with this...

Internet Security

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