Today’s laptops have faster processors, a large amount of RAM with high-resolution graphics system so they can use to address a very broad spectrum of a wide variety of tasks. Peoples can use a laptop in any place like home, offices and on-road thus laptop computers are often stored important documents. With the growing popularity of laptops, safety and security have become increasingly important. Especially for businesses who are using laptops to store some really valuable customer information that cannot be leaked to the public. With things like this, there is no room for error and even the slightest mistake can end catastrophically for the business and for that client.  

Businesses that are working with credit card numbers and other similar information from their clients need to have a very high-security level that is installed on these laptops. Of course, even if you are not a business owner, you must have some type of security level because you don’t want to leak your personal files and pictures with the entire world.  

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Traditionally, for the stationary PC “general” destination address these problems and confronting threats to security lies in the timely updating of antivirus databases, periodic backup system, using passwords when you log in or when my computer, using proxy servers and “firewall” while working in network, the timely installation of patches, updates OS and software (mostly, this link Windows + Internet Explorer + Outlook + MS Office). 

Laptops also require such protection and should take into account their specificity, which predetermines the need to find new solutions to secure their safety. If you really want to protect your data from any possible problem, then you need a professional protection software just like the one we are offering.

Here you can find some more information about the services that we are offering to our clients. 

There are three ways in which comprehensive protection and laptop data that are stored on it. 

  • Physical security laptop and its components. 
  • Safety Data (backup, encryption, user identification) 
  • Network security and the Internet 

Consider the security problems in terms of the laptop of information that is stored on it. If the data of great value, the correct approach is to use classical methods and consider solutions on the principle of “what happens if the information will be completely lost, temporarily unavailable or will fall to others (compromised).” 

Physical security

The first area of 90% takes into account the specifics of a laptop, which distinguishes it from the traditional PC. Mobility laptop many times increases the likelihood of their physical damage, loss or theft, involving irrecoverable losses as the notebook, and the data stored on it. Accordingly, as part of the solution to the problem of physical security and developed several approaches that one or another version of events. 

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There are a number of devices that prevent the direct or theft of a laptop to facilitate its search in the future. The LocateMyLaptop offers a service to laptop users to track their stolen laptop from anywhere is the world and from any computer and ability to delete the data remotely from anywhere on your registered laptop computer. 

— LocateMyLaptop agent software – the simple, common and inexpensive system. Residing on the laptop sends a stealth message informing our Secure Online Monitoring Center of its exact location. 

If your laptop computer is registered with LocateMyLaptop services, you simply log on to your account at our Secure Online Customer Center from any online computer and issue a Data Delete command. The lost/stolen laptop computer receives this command (usually within minutes), and proceeds with destruction of all data.