Why LocateMyLaptop? 

Why choose LocateMyLaptop? 

  • Can you be 100% certain all your data is secure? 
  • Can you be 100% certain all users secure their data? 
  • What happens if a laptop is lost or stolen? 
  • Are you in breach of Data Protection rules? 
  • What data is there on your mobile devices? 

It is a fact that computer devices are becoming ever smaller, more mobile and more powerful. It is inevitable that users will harness this power on the move and applications and data will be resident on mobile devices. While the industry talks about centralized data and application management the evidence of a plethora of smaller and more powerful laptops, PDAs and smart phones suggest otherwise, at least for the foreseeable future.  


Knowing how these devices including laptops are getting smaller is making a lot of people thinking about stealing them because it is easy to hide them and of course, run. Well, this should raise some awareness to you and you might start paying more attention to the security of your things. You can start by increasing security on your laptop. Nowadays, a lot of laptop users have the issue of dealing with thieves and most of them don’t have any significant solution to save their data or to get back their device. Well, now all of that is possible thanks to the advanced technology, all you need to do is decide to install one of these security features and you can be relaxed.  

If someone steals your laptop, you can easily track down the thief just by using one of these security features or you can save your data by erasing remotely everything. 

In 2007 laptop purchases outstripped desktops for the first time and the trend is moving increasingly in that direction. Factors such as working in a global economy and more flexible working practices will mean more mobile computing devices than ever before. It is no surprise that mobile devices are more vulnerable to loss or theft than those in secure office environments. 

The actual number of devices that are lost or stolen will probably never be known because many organizations sweep their loss under the carpet to avoid official censure or negative publicity. US legislation already obliges organizations to divulge when a laptop has been lost or stolen and the EU is set to follow suit. In short, for each organization, losing just one laptop is enough to create unease amongst customers, staff or other stakeholders and create a problem for the management. LocateMyLaptop can take away that pain. 

  • Any organization that deploys laptops in a mobile environment is potentially susceptible to loss or theft. 
  • If there is any chance that an organization’s laptops could contain potentially sensitive data, then loss or theft could be a serious problem. 
  • Even if encryption tools are deployed the offended organization cannot really be absolutely sure that the user followed the encryption protocols or that the thief is not determined or capable enough of cracking the code. 

LocateMyLaptop provides the necessary reassurance. LocateMyLaptop’s philosophy is that if the data is not present it simply can’t be compromised. If the lost or stolen laptop is turned on whether it is connected to the internet or not, LocateMyLaptop ensures that the data will be deleted, encrypted or not. The comprehensive report available at our website can be used to document and help prove that the data was not compromised, and the organization can get on with business.