Tips To Protect Laptops 


The simplest safety rule for anything important is that NEVER leave it unguarded. This applies especially to laptops which at this point have personal data, financial data in addition to work data. A lost or stolen laptop can wreak havoc on our work or personal life. If you are using a laptop regularly and you are taking it with you everywhere you go, then you need to pay more attention to the security because you never know when someone might steal it from you. If someone decides to steal your laptop and you have a protection like we offer, then you will have nothing to worry about because none of your personal data from the laptop can be accessed.  


However, there are still some people who don’t want to use any additional security for their laptops, well for those people we also have some solutions that might help them out. That’s was the main reason why we have created this article to show you some tips. All you need to do in order to protect your laptop is to follow these tips that you can see below and make sure that you carefully follow them. Here are some simple steps that all of us can take to protect our laptops from getting lost or stolen: 

      • If you don’t have to, don’t store sensitive data on your laptop especially financial records, and family photos. To see online dangers regarding child safety, click here. 

          • When traveling don’t use a computer bag for carrying your laptop, use a backpack, the inside zipper of your carry on, a brief case or some other bag. 
          • Don’t leave your laptop or its carrying case in plain view in the car; lock it up in the trunk. If they can’t see it, they can’t steal it. 
          • When staying in a hotel, the best practice is to take it with you or to lock it up in an in room safe. If a safe is not available, then use a physical cable lock. You may also want to hang up a do not disturb sign on your door. 
          • NEVER leave your laptop for even a second especially in busy airports. It just takes a minute to be distracted, which is enough in most cases for someone to walk away with your laptop. 
        • Another simple tip is to use the Windows security features, which are: 
          • Use a log on password. Make it tough to crack, 8-alphanumeric characters long with special characters. Also use upper and lower-case letters. Don’t make your password obvious. Jot it down in a safe place separate from your laptop and change it as often as you can. 
          • Disable the guest account on your laptop. 
        • Lock windows, usually it is CTRL + ALT + DELETE. 
          • Never keep your laptop password near your laptop or in the carrying case. Don’t make it easy for the thief to get access. 
        • If you are at a conference never put your laptop down on the floor, keep it between your feet so that you are aware that you have to pick it up and take it with you. 

    Most important of all have an emergency plan in case your laptop is stolen or is lost. You can sign up with for the free location based service. For a complete description of the FREE service please click here.


    In addition to the FREE service there are other plans available which help you protect data in case of a lost laptop or a stolen laptop. Have the peace of mind that your data will be safe in case your laptop is lost or stolen. For a complete description of the premium plans please click here. 


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