Quick Tips About Laptop Safety 

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Portability is the main attraction of laptops to most users, but it should come as no surprise that it attracts thieves as well. Of course, you want to use your laptop everywhere you go, but there are some situations where people often make a mistake and thieves take advantage. We have made this list of few of the most common mistakes that lead to a stolen laptop just to help you out avoid and not make the same mistake.  

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If you are careful enough and you read through every single one of these tips that you will find below, then you will lower the chances of someone stealing your laptop significantly. These tips were created by gathering a lot of information from people who had experience with stolen laptops. Here are a few things to remember to help keep your laptop safe when you and your computer are away from home.  

  • Keep it with you. 

Avoid leaving your laptop lying around, no matter how ‘safe‘ the area seems. Get a smallest model that you can with a compact carrying case and take it along. 

  • Don’t leave it in your hotel room. 

Even hiding it in the closet will not guarantee that you will find it again when you come back. Select rooms with an in-room safe that can secure your valuables, including your laptop. 

  • Avoid leaving it in your car.  

Thieves regularly cruise parking lots looking for cars with valuables. If you must leave it in the car, lock it in the trunk, where it is out of sight. If it can’t be seen, it is less likely to be be stolen. In the trunk, it is out of sight and not likely to attract the attention of opportunity thieves. 

  • Beware the bathroom snatch and grab.  

Wireless access in coffee shops, libraries, and other public places are popular with laptop users, but also with laptop thieves. If you leave your laptop next to your latte when you take a break, you may return to find it has grown legs and gone. 

  • Take advantage of lockers when available. 

Malls, airports, college campuses, even libraries have short and long-term lockers available. It’s worth the effort to find out. Remember that most laptop thefts are crimes of opportunity. If the thief doesn’t see it, they most likely won’t try to steal it. 

  • Id your laptop.  

Several permanent ID systems are available, and they do tend to deter the experienced thief who knows that a marked PC is harder to sell. Beyond that, it will often aid in recovery if your laptop gets recovered after being stolen. 

  • Lock it down.  

If you are working in an open office area, particularly with a lot of non-employee traffic, invest in a device that locks your laptop to your work area. This can be a sophisticated docking station or a simple cabling system 

    • Don’t keep your passwords in your laptop case. If it is stolen, you still are responsible for the data on the hard disc. 
  • Don’t leave your laptop with friends unless you are sure that they will be there when you get back.Remember that their priorities are not necessarily your priorities. 


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