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We all use laptops or our computers for online banking, keeping family photos, online shopping, social networking and etc. In addition, we travel for leisure and business and take our laptops with us. The chances of losing a laptop or having it stolen have risen sharply. The biggest issue is that people are not aware of the danger that is lurking around them all the time and they often don’t take any safety measures to protect their laptops from thieves. Not thinking of the worst-case scenario, which is that your laptop is stolen, and someone can have access to all of your information is the worst thing that you can do.  You can find a lot of information on AppValley App

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You must have some type of plan in case you lose, or someone steals your laptop from you. Having no security measure for these extreme situations have cost a lot of people money and a lot of stress because all of their personal information was released to the public or it was used by the thieves. If you don’t want to be one of them, then we strongly recommend that you do some research on how to protect your computer and to read through this article because we have few solutions ready for you. Here are some simple steps that all of us can take to protect data and for privacy protection if our laptops are lost or stolen: 

Sensitive Data: Don’t store sensitive data on your laptop especially financial records, and family photos if you don’t have to. These photos may include your children’s photos that may end up on a pedophile’s computer. More on protecting children from online dangers and child safety. If you are a business user, keep your sensitive data on your corporate server protected by the firewall. When you need this data, you can use the corporate VPN to access this data.Look on  Delta Emulator and have a great experience

Automatic logins: Don’t allow automatic logins to websites that you frequently visit. If required, use a password manager program or a biometric method for automatic logins to your online accounts. 

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Data Encryption: Encrypt your sensitive data. This is a sure way of making it very difficult if not impossible for a thief to get to your sensitive data. To get more information about how you can encrypt your data click here. 

Data Backup: Back up your data, based on your needs and work habits develop a plan. Back up your data according to your plan periodically and store your backup in a safe location separate from your laptop. If your laptop is stolen or is lost, you will at least have a recent copy of your data. 

Window Security Features: Another simple tip is to use the Windows security features, which are: 

    • Use a log on password. Make it tough to crack by using alpha-numeric, 8-characters long with special character(s) password. Also use upper and lower-case letters. Don’t make your password obvious. Write it down in a safe place separate from your laptop and change it as often as you can. 
    • Disable the guest account on your laptop. 
  • Lock windows when you are not using your computer. Usually the key combination is CTRL + ALT + DELETE. 

Password Security: Never keep your laptop password near your laptop or in the carrying case. Don’t make it easy for the thief to get access your data. 

Emergency Plan: Most important of all have an emergency plan in case your laptop is stolen or is lost. You can sign up with for the free location based service. You can do laptop tracking for free. For a complete description of the FREE service please click here.

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In addition to the FREE service there are other plans available which help you protect data in case of a lost laptop or a stolen laptop. Have the peace of mind that your data will be safe in case your laptop is lost or stolen. For a complete description of the premium plans please click here. 

Register with a location and recovery service like LocateMyLaptop. With LocateMyLaptop you will be able to do the following and much more: 

    • Know exactly where your laptop is. Create and manage a Safe-IP List and receive a location alert if the IP address of your laptop changes. Knowing the IP address of your laptop will make laptop recovery easier. 
    • Backup data, this backup will be available online if your laptop is stolen, 
    • Encrypt data. 
    • You can also hide folders with extremely sensitive data 
  • In case your laptop is stolen or lost, you can do remote data shredding. As an example if you have designated your temporary folders (including cookies and internet folders) you can delete these remotely reducing the chances of ID theft. 

For a complete list of the features offered by LocateMyLaptop please click here. 

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