How It Works? 


Here’s how it works: 

The goal of our service is to provide an ultimate solution for situations where you need the protection of your stolen laptop. The solution that we are providing is to remotely delete all of the data from that specific laptop. The reason why we are offering that solution is that that is the most secure way to avoid leaking your personal data from that laptop. Nowadays, there are so many different ways people can get access to your laptop even if you have a password on it. If someone wants to access the data they will succeed eventually, but if you simply delete it, then you will leave them no data to break into. 


Every time your laptop connects to the internet, LocateMyLaptop agent software residing on the laptop sends a stealth message informing our Secure Online Monitoring Center of its exact location. LocateMyLaptop service works for you 365x24x7, to help when your registered laptop computer goes missing. The FBI reports that over 300,000 laptops were reported stolen last year – that’s 1 laptop every 100 seconds, and only 2% of these systems are ever recovered. As a consequence, when a laptop goes missing little hope is given to recovering the lost or stolen system and it is 

recommended that you delete/shred the data on your laptop as the risk of identity information increases with each passing day. 

Of course, you can use some other type of protection such as an advanced lock that will give you some protection. However, in that case you are still risking of losing private information because there is no program that can stop a talented hacker to break into your laptop. So, the best solution is to delete that personal data from the laptop and simply don’t give them anything to look at. Our service offers just that, and you can do it really simply remotely from anywhere. 

What happens once my laptop computer is lost/stolen?

Once the laptop is lost/stolen, it is strongly recommended that you report its loss/theft to the local law enforcement authorities and also report it on our Secure Online Customer Center within 24-hours of the incident. When the lost/stolen laptop goes online it will send a stealth message to our Secure Online Monitoring Center and to your pre-assigned email address(es) with its location information. Once you notify our Secure Online Customer Center about the missing laptop, we’ll provide you the following, to help in the recovery efforts of the lost/stolen laptop computer: 

  • Continuously scan the internet waiting for the missing laptop to connect. 
  • Call-in history of your laptop from the time it was reported lost/stolen. 
  • Laptop computer’s information (e.g. make and model #, serial #, etc.). 
  • Protect your privacy and personal information by remotely deleting the data on the missing laptop. 
  • Determine the location of the missing laptop to help authorities retrieve the system. 

The call-in history and the laptop information can be downloaded, printed and emailed from our Secure Online Customer Center anytime. This information should be shared with the law enforcement authorities and while the recovery efforts are underway, it is recommended that you delete/shred the data on your laptop as the risk of identity theft increases with each passing day.  

Tracking my laptop

If a laptop computer that is registered with LocateMyLaptop service is stolen, you simply log on to your account at our Secure Online Customer Center from any online computer (yes, even a Mac or a Linux computer or a smart phone with web access!) and issue a Data Delete command. The lost/stolen laptop computer receives this command (usually within minutes), and proceeds with destruction of all data.