Essential Security Features in Web Hosting

Security Features in Web Hosting

Web hosting services are being used by millions of people all around the world. Something that is popular as web hosting needs to have high-security features, at least that is what you would think. However, you would be shocked at the number of hosting providers who have very low-security levels. Placing a website on the internet might be an easy task but making sure that the content and the private data that various visitors provide is completely safe is not that simple. That’s why there are a lot of cheap hosting providers.

backupWhen you see a web hosting service and they provide dedicated servers for an extremely low price, you should think about it first because there needs to be a reason why it is so cheap. In most cases, the problem lies in the security features they offer, or to say this better the security features they don’t offer. In case you don’t know what security features you need to have a quality and reliable hosting provider, then stay here because we will be sharing some very valuable information with you.


Most likely you have heard about the term backup and you understand how it works. However, if you are not familiar with backups, don’t worry we are here to educate you. Backup is a security feature that allows the users of the hosting service to have a backup plan in case something goes terribly wrong. Nowadays, you never know what might happen and lose all of your data is never a good thing. That’s why you need to have a backup feature available at all times from your hosting provider. Of course, we also recommend that you make yourself a backup plan this way even if the provider fails to provide you the backup of your website, you will be saved. Some web hosting providers will charge you separately for this security feature, but there are some that will have this feature included in their service.

If you are searching for a hosting provider that has this type of security feature and have affordable prices, then definitely go check out the Host Checka because they have some very unique services. If you choose them, you will have the opportunity to enjoy various security features that will ensure the safety of your data. They are doing daily backups of websites, this way if something happens, you can just go back and use the backup of the day before and not lose any valuable data.

Software Security

Having the software that is running on the servers in prime condition is a key factor. You cannot have great security if the software is outdated or nobody maintains it.  Fixing small bugs is a must if you want to have a high-security host. Your data is stored on these servers, in case some malware attack happens, it is completely up to the server to defend your data. If the server fails at this, then your data will most likely be leaked.

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