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Author: James Mullane

Tips To Protect Laptops 

The simplest safety rule for anything important is that NEVER leave it unguarded. This applies especially to laptops which at this point have personal data, financial data in addition to work data. A lost or stolen laptop can wreak havoc on our work or personal life. If you are using a laptop regularly and you are taking it with you everywhere you go, then you need to pay more attention to the security because you never know when someone might steal it from you. If someone decides to steal your laptop and you have a protection like we offer,...

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Take Charge: Fighting Back Against Identity Theft 

It’s an increasingly common problem the 21st-century marketplace. Nearly everyone engages in remote purchasing, either online, by phone or mail order, and your virtual identity is the only connection between you and the seller.   Nowadays, everyone is using the power of the internet to purchase things, and unfortunately for that these stores need your personal information and your credit card number. Giving away your valuable information should something that you only do when you are completely sure that you will not get scammed. When you find a product that you like and want to purchase, but the website is...

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Why Securing Your Data Is Important? 

One of the most common mistakes that people do is that they never think about the importance of the security of their data and information that is on their computer and laptop. Well, that is until they get some experience with thieves or hackers who steal their personal information to use it and share it with the world. You don’t want to be that guy who will learn from his own mistakes in this situation because the mistake can ruin your entire life, especially if you are a business owner and some sensitive information gets leaked out in the...

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Quick Facts About ID-Theft (For Consumers) 

ID theft is a big news item that is too often ignored by the typical consumer. Until it happens to them.  Less and less business is being transacted ‘face to face’. Your ‘electronic persona’ is all that is needed to buy and sell these days. Once it has been duplicated by an identity thief, your on-line double can rack up lots of debt and create credit problems that may take months or even years to clean up.  When people are purchasing online some items, they often forget that they are giving out their personal information and some of it...

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Don’t Let Criminals Steal Your Identity 

The constant complaint of law enforcement officials worldwide is not how skillful their criminal adversaries are, but how much the public unwittingly plays into their hands. Unlocked doors, open windows, unsecured valuables, and generally making it easy for even a moderately competent criminal to target and acquire your property.   When it comes to laptop security people always think about security against some hackers who want to use the power of the internet to get inside of their laptop. Well, we have news for you, it is not the hackers that you should be afraid of, but the people who want to...

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