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Author: James Mullane

How To Protect Your Laptop While On Vacation 

More and more Americans are turning into laptop addicts. Coffee shops, fast food joints, libraries and even public parks are providing free Wi-Fi access so that your laptop is always online and in use. It is little wonder that, come vacation time, the trusty laptop is high on the packing list. Even if you are just on a business trip, you need to bring your laptop with you because it will allow you to work while traveling. Well, there is something that you need to know about the safety of your laptop while you are on vacation or just...

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Report Laptop Theft/Loss 

If you believe your laptop computer has been lost or stolen, please the first file a Police Report/FIR (FIR = First Information Report). You must also get a Police Report/Case number and contact information of the police officer who took the report. Armed with this information, fill out the online reporting form and print it. This is just one of the first security steps that you need to do if you really want to protect the data on your laptop. Also, when you give information to the police, they can use that information to track down the person who...

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Laptop Security – Data, File And Disk Encryption Options 

Data encryption is critical for laptop users. Most desktop computers are in a fairly secured location, such as an office or your private residence, making it difficult for a data thief to get at your information without getting caught. But a laptop is mobile, and, if left unattended, can be easily stolen. If you don’t use any encryption on your laptop, then you are essentially giving the thieves a green light to go through all of your personal information.   If you want to make a smart decision, then you can start by installing some encryption on your data and...

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Protect Data And Prevent Identity Theft 

We all use laptops or our computers for online banking, keeping family photos, online shopping, social networking and etc. In addition, we travel for leisure and business and take our laptops with us. The chances of losing a laptop or having it stolen have risen sharply. The biggest issue is that people are not aware of the danger that is lurking around them all the time and they often don’t take any safety measures to protect their laptops from thieves. Not thinking of the worst-case scenario, which is that your laptop is stolen, and someone can have access to...

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Laptop Security 

Today’s laptops have faster processors, a large amount of RAM with high-resolution graphics system so they can use to address a very broad spectrum of a wide variety of tasks. Peoples can use a laptop in any place like home, offices and on-road thus laptop computers are often stored important documents. With the growing popularity of laptops, safety and security have become increasingly important. Especially for businesses who are using laptops to store some really valuable customer information that cannot be leaked to the public. With things like this, there is no room for error and even the slightest...

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