Report Laptop Theft/Loss 

Report Laptop Theft/Loss 

If you believe your laptop computer has been lost or stolen, please the first file a Police Report/FIR (FIR = First Information Report). You must also get a Police Report/Case number and contact information of the police officer who took the report. Armed with this information, fill out the online reporting form and print it. This is just one of the first security steps that you need to do if you really want to protect the data on your laptop. Also, when you give information to the police, they can use that information to track down the person who possibly stole your laptop.  


That’s why it is very important that you give as much information as you can to the police right after you have lost it. You have to be quick, there is no time to waste when someone steals your laptop. The more time you wait to call the police, the fewer chances you will have to find your laptop. 

It is also highly recommended that you do a remote data delete and/or remote data shred data on the lost or stolen laptop. 

If your laptop computer is stolen or lost, it is important that you follow the instructions below: 

    • Go to 
    • Login by typing in your email address and password. 
    • Click on the “Report Theft/Loss” link. 
    • Choose the laptop computer that has been lost or stolen. 
    • Follow simple instructions and complete the online reporting form which can be printed and used for filing an insurance claim as well as helping the police with the recovery of the stolen laptop computer. 
    • Black Dot Fill out the online theft report form. 
    • Black Dot Review, Save and Print the online theft report form. 
  • Perform a remote data delete and/or remote data shred the pre-designated folders. 

By filling out LocateMyLaptop’s online theft report form, you have taken the first step for the recovery of your stolen/lost laptop. Once you have filled out (and printed) the form.


It is imperative that you remotely delete or shred the data to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands. This data wipe on your lost/stolen laptop is based on U.S. Department of Défense’s Disk Sanitization Standard 5022.22M. 

Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions. 

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