2019 brings some fancy laptop trends

Although computing lovers and IT consumer focused their attention mostly onto mobile devices over the last couple of years, some attractive trends upcoming in 2019 are bringing the laptops back under the spotlight. These trends include introducing of some upgraded technology, graphic cards, CPUs or more powerful software, as well as more modern hardware design solutions.

Gaming industry rises standards

The truth is that majority of IT progress regarding higher quality of both software and hardware was motivated by constantly high expectations coming from gaming industry and passionate players. So, here come some impressively powerful laptops with upgraded graphic cards and desktop processor of higher power. At the same time, there’s announcement for another desktop replacement. Namely, some reputable laptop brands are launching models with detachable monitors that turn to desktop monitor and keyboard. Many users find this solution practical and convenient for various common situations.

Slight iterations to great design

The fact is that majority of currently popular laptop models have already come up with great design solutions and users are pleased, although many of them long to see some refreshments. Thus, there are some upcoming remodelings, but none of them is somewhat dramatic. XPS 13 has dislocated web camera above display and Lenovo is introducing some new materials, slightly upgraded in provided quality compared to the previous models. Also, there’s a surprise announced by Intel regarding Project Athena and a new notebook, although it is yet to be seen if this is going to be a positive trend.

Versatility of gaming laptops

Probably some of the greatest changes coming in 2019 will include sort of merging between gaming laptops, desktop PCs and mobile devices. Namely, IT industry is striving to make gaming laptops more versatile and equally usable for wide range of other purposes aside gaming. Also, it strives to compete successfully with growing industry of mobile devices by making laptops more like tablets. This roughly predicts new models providing various animation programs, applications with improved video support and streaming options, software that will dominantly be designed for content writers and adjustable hardware that can be turned into tablets or similar easy portable devices.

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